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Home Warranty Seasonal Maintenance Tips

Seasonal maintenance is often a prerequisite for various home warranty claims. Most home warranty companies will only repair or replace systems if homeowners have attempted to maintain them. Owning a home requires an extensive amount of dedication and hard work to ensure all systems run smoothly. Heritage Construction Co. - an established roof contracting company in the state of Texas explains the importance of routine maintenance in order to maintain your home’s warranty.

Clean Your Drains

To avoid unexpected plumbing costs and the annoyance of dealing with clogged drains, remember to check all your drains on a monthly basis. Every day we flush and wash things down the drain and that build up can cause extreme damage to pipes and blockage in the drain. It is also good practice to avoid putting anything solid down your drain whether it is small pieces of food left on a plate or grease that could harden on its way through your drainage system.

Inspect Your Fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, remember to check it regularly to ensure there has not been too much buildup of dust or debris along the bottom of the fireplace. In the case of electric fireplaces, it is common for dust to build up along the blower (typically located near the bottom or very top of the unit) it is important to wipe or vacuum this buildup as it can negatively affect the performance of the fireplace. Cleaning the fireplace will come in handy when you are ready to add a little heat to an otherwise cold evening and can relax instead of having to clean the chimney.

Check Your Windows

When the temperature drops, we always assume the best thing is to turn on the heat and wait for the house to warm up. But the furnace’s effectiveness can be limited if your windows are letting in a breeze around the perimeter. This will cause your heating system to work twice as hard and will result in a colder home and higher heating costs.

In the same tone, Texas summers can be the hottest in the country. It is important that windows are properly sealed so that you are not paying in excess to have your house cool during the summer. Air Conditioning bills can rack up if cool air is escaping through unsealed windows.

Take a Climb Up to The Roof

Due to it’s elevated position the roof can be one of the hardest parts of a home to routinely inspect. According to Heritage Construction Co. it is integral that you keep an eye on it because if ignored, the roof of a house can lead to large, expensive repairs that otherwise could be minimized if caught early.

If you see that moisture and rain stays around longer on some areas of your roof than others it is suggested that you contact a roofing professional to climb up and check for damage both inside and outside. Shingles and tiles can be displaced in rough weather and this could lead to extensive water damage if unchecked.

Check your Bathroom and Shower Tiles

Soap scum can build up on the outside of your shower and bathroom tile, discoloring the white shine and causing mold and mildew build up in little creases and cracks. It’s important to regularly deep clean your bathroom to ensure they are in good condition. The use of a shower can result in excessive moisture building up and then dissipating, in some cases this creation of moisture can cause mold which is why it is important to regularly clean and wipe down all the surfaces when you can.

Heritage Construction claims that regularly maintaining your house is essential to keeping it in good condition and keeping your warranty. By following these steps and making sure you are checking all aspects of your home, you will be better benefited in the future. You can find one of our local offices throughout Texas (Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Lewisville and College Station)

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